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Proposal Essay Topics: The Best Samples For Any Student

Proposal Essay Topics: The Best Samples For Any Student

Nowadays, lots of students receive assignments for the competition of various types of papers, and it is considered to be a rather usual task. Nevertheless, most face the same trouble, which is connected with the distinguishing of various paper types. We choose to neglect the factor that each type of paper has its specific structure and requirements. Here in this article, we will help with the understanding of proposal papers and, of course, to formulate proposal essay topics. If this theme seems interesting to you, then review the article till the end, and you will get all the needed recommendations and practical samples.

What Structure Should Be After The Choice Of Good Proposal Essay Topics?   

To begin with, this type of writing is like a convincing method with argumentative explanations and proving evidence. When starting the writing process, you’d better put yourself in the shoes of an experienced salesperson who knows every psychological trick to convince a customer. Even if you have never written this type of proposal paper and don’t know how to choose interesting proposal essay topics, it doesn’t mean that you will fail. A couple of practical recommendations and you can easily start writing the best paper of your life.

When returning to the structure of a proposal paper, it is a standard one and includes:

  1. Intro part. Here you will need to include some background info for the reader. There should not be anything too intriguing or extravagant; you just need to draw attention. And don’t forget a golden rule – the last sentence of your intro is considered to be the main thesis statement.
  2. Proposal. Usually, this part isn’t extremely long and just includes one statement. Please, don’t share any ideas of fulfillment or plans in this part.
  3. Action plan. This is probably the most decisive part of any paper. Here you will need to show all your creativity and if you have chosen proposal argument essay topics correctly, then you won’t experience any difficulties with this part.
  4. Conclusion. The best way to sum up everything that you have earlier discussed is by the usual call-to-action part.        

Great Proposal Essay Topic Ideas   

The choice of the best variant among all the available good proposal essay topics isn’t such a hard thing. You just need to be a little bit more attentive and pick that option, which correlates with your personal beliefs and interests. In such a way, you could complete a really emotional and convincing text. 

If you have already tried to create a list of best proposal essay topics by yourself without any success, then here are a couple of great variants for you. We decided to divide these topics into categories to simplify your search.

Health Proposal Essay Topic Ideas

This is an extremely powerful method that may be used nowadays when most teenagers suffer from some addictions and aren’t really thinking about their health. Here are a couple of great proposal essay topic ideas for you to consider:

  • Is it possible to reduce smoking rates without violating the rights of smokers?
  • Pros and Cons of antidepressants in our society 
  • Is there any evident correlation between the style of life of the parents and birth defects? 
  • What is the most effective method for preventing drug usage among teenagers?
  • How can parents influence the healthy habits of their kids?      

Technology Proposing a Solution Essay Topics

The Internet and all the technological innovations have greatly influenced our lives, which is why this topic is considered extremely bothering for our society.

So, here are a couple of great examples of practical proposal essay topics:

  • What are the most functional methods of online protection?
  • How can the educational system effectively minimize the risks of cyber-bullying? 
  • The methods of cyber-crime prevention
  • Has technology got an extremely harmful impact on social norms?
  • Are there any practical variants to reduce technology dependence? 
  • What are the most secure systems for data protection? 

Culture Proposal Essay Topics With Solutions

Sometimes we neglect proposing a solution essay topic because we consider it too traditional and stereotypical for discussion. Nevertheless, there are lots of angles which might be extremely interesting for everybody. Such bothering topics as fascism, bullying, and discrimination cannot leave you indifferent; it is for sure.

Here are some variants of the proposal essay topics with solutions relating to culture:

  • The most effective methods which should be used by the government in this fight for tolerance in society
  • The most influential speeches relating to cultural values 
  • What can actually help parents to raise their children properly?
  • The problem of homelessness 
  • Ethnical discrimination at schools 
  • Are any methods of violence prevention helpful at all?
  • The reason for bad behavior in the children’s groups

Politics as the Best Topic for Discussion

There is no need to discuss anything because each of us is greatly influenced by politicians’ decisions. Here are some ideas to start with:

  • What can make the electoral system more functional? 
  • What are the new methods of illegal immigrants prevention nowadays?      
  • Is there any possibility of predicting and preventing an economic crisis? 
  • Pros and Cons of the credit system in the US
  • Should prisoners have their voting rights? 
  • What measures need to be taken in order to improve the current conditions for veterans?

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