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Research Essay Topics: Practical Recommendation And a Couple of Great Examples

Research Essay Topics: Practical Recommendation And a Couple of Great Examples

Most of the students are so overwhelmed with different paper tasks that the stress seems constant. In such a situation, even the simplest task can lead to lots of troubles and challenges. Among such things is the choice of proper research essay topics. At first, when facing this paper task, you start thinking that there is nothing difficult, and you will do it later. However, when you start working on it, you clearly understand that it is not as easy as it might seem at first.  

If you are facing this difficulty right now, then this article may be quite helpful for you. Just go on reading the article, and you will find a couple of practical recommendations on this topic.

How to Choose Research-Based Essay Topics?

The choice of argumentative research essay topics is a rather controversial paper task. Here you should choose something new and intriguing to work with, but at the same time, you don’t need to bring a revolutionary idea for your paper, especially during the initial years of the studies. That’s why you’d better follow some of the below-mentioned paper recommendations.

Good research essay topics should be somehow connected with your personal interests. Maybe this paper recommendation doesn’t seem too practical, but it has still helped lots of students. Just take some time and think about what subject area makes you feel excited or at least interested.

If you have determined the specified area of studies that seems exciting for you, then you’d better check the available materials and literature on this topic. Sometimes it might happen that your area of interest doesn’t coincide with the scientific world, and you will have trouble gathering the needed facts and proves online. You should be rather serious towards analyzing the found materials; just a short review won’t give you any practical information.

Once you have managed with the previous steps of searching for controversial essay topics research papers, you might start thinking about the research question. Here you will need to specify and understand the focus of your project. This question should be thought-provoking and challenging at the same time.

The best way to create a long list of persuasive research essay topics is by brainstorming. This is a great paper variant when you have enough time and desire to bring your creative ideas without any additional help or someone else assistance. If you have received some great paper ideas but don’t know how to formulate them, then you may consult with the mentor.   

The Worst Mistake When Choosing Research Paper Essay Topics

When following all the major recommendations, students usually forget about the most important thing. Most of them forget about the important guidelines from the teacher. If your mentor has recommended you to write something relating to a specific historical period, you’d better stick to this recommendation. Nevertheless, there is always a chance to unite your teacher’s requirements and your personal interests and preferences. For instance, you may compare recent events with the specific historical period your teacher recommended you. In such a way, your preferences will be satisfied, and you are not neglecting a particular paper task.

The best practice paper recommendation for all the students is to consult about research essay topics for college with your teacher and always approve the choice before beginning the writing process.  

Now when you are aware of some practical recommendations about choosing the research based essay topics, and still couldn’t create a proper one. Then you definitely need some examples for inspiration. Here are a couple of great paper variants that are good to go.

Topics related to education:

  1. Is there any correlation between a successful student and career success in the future?
  2. How does the physiological atmosphere influence the learning process?
  3. Does the Montessori Method really work?
  4. How to reduce bullying among teenagers?
  5. Can college debt somehow influence the life and priorities of the person?
  6. Do preschool institutions really have a positive impact when comparing with those children who don’t have such an experience?

Argumentative research essay topics for college students related to government:

  1. What kinds of reforms in prison have been more effective?
  2. Is there a necessity in the governmental censoring of online data?
  3. Have recent changes in airport security greatly influenced our safety?
  4. Why is the immigration process a serious problem in certain countries?

Good research essay topics for college that are connected with health:

  1. What methods are more effective when improving memory?
  2. Pluses and minuses of the Keto diet.
  3. What are the most effective methods for lessening healthcare costs?
  4. Is there any correlation between stress level and productivity?
  5. What are the major consequences of buying genetically modified products? 

Topics related to religion:

  1. How does the medial portrayal of Catholics have changed, and if there are any kind of noticeable changes within a certain period of time?
  2. Why is there a huge rise in agnosticism in our society nowadays?
  3. What are the major societal stereotypes that are connected with Muslims?
  4. What was the motivation of Martin Luther’s decision to split with the standard church conception?  
  5. Has the power of the Catholic Church changed with time?
  6. Was there any drastic reduction of religious people after sexually related scandals?

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