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Welcome! Take a few minutes to look around the Food Bank of Southwest Georgia web site. Learn how you can volunteer your time, conduct a food drive or contribute financially. We need your help to end hunger!

Our mission

To eliminate hunger in our poverty-ridden 20-county region of Georgia. Pretty simple, huh? With you as a partner, we can do it!

Who we are

The Food Bank of Southwest Georgia is on the move! We're part of America's Second Harvest, the nation's second-largest charity. But we're governed by an autonomous board of directors composed entirely of caring individuals from Southwest Georgia. All decisions on the Food Bank's operations are made locally.

Contact Information

At the Food Bank of Southwest Georgia, we're always happy to hear from supporters, donors, clients and others. You can reach us any of the ways listed below.

Phone numbers:

Administrative Offices: 229-883-5959
Warehouse: 229-883-2139
Agency Relations & Transportation: 229-883-5165
Fundraising & Development: 229-883-4668



Postal address

P.O. Box 544, 1509 Camp Lane

Albany GA 31702-0544

Electronic mail

Webmaster: [email protected] and New

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